How to meet new people in the Aviv

How to meet new people in Tel Aviv? Places & Ways

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If you are living in Tel Aviv or just planning to visit and looking for ways and opportunities to meet new friends then you’ll find it’s actually very easy.

Tel Aviv is a very social city and all the people here speak english and are super friendly. There are many events, parties, parks, bars and beaches which are considered more social and many of the people that are going there go with intentions of meeting new people.

meeting new people at Tel Aviv's beach
Tel Aviv’s beach – one of the best places to meet new friends

Meet locals at the beach

The beach Tel Aviv is an amazing place to meet new friends. The people at the beach are in a very relaxing state of mind and open to meet others. A short gesture can lead to a deep conversation and an offer to play frisbee can easily happen. As long as you are frindly and not interapting in the middle of something, feel free to approach.

Best beaches to meet Israelis in Tel Aviv

Here are the most social beaches in Tel Aviv in my opinion and the best ones for you to meet the locals.

Geula Beach

This beach is full of young Israelis. Every day people gather here to hang out and enjoy the amazing vibes of this beach. Many of the people around play different kind of sports like volleyball, frisbee, matkot and football.

One of the best ways to meet new people is doing sport with them. It is really easy to “break the ice” like that and everyone feels comfortable.

“The South Beach”

“The South Beach” or “Dogs Beach” is the beach located next to “Etzel Museum”. This beach is also famous among locals coming mostly from the southern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv like Florentin and Jaffa.

The vibe at this beach is very cool and many people bring their dogs which adds a lot to the atmosphere. If you are coming to the beach solo just find a spot next to other people and start interacting. The beach is very social and people feel very free and open to speak with others and connect easily.

Meet new people through language exchange programs

Another cool option to meet new people and on the way learn a new language is to join a language exchange event. There are many events like so happening in Tel Aviv but the best one in my opinion is FluenTLV.

People gather together in a bar on something like that and sit to tables organized by language. The concept is cool because first you teach a language that you know and after you learn a language from the others.

Meet Locals at the bars on Dizengoff Street

Dizengoff Street is a long street located in center Tel Aviv. The street is full of bars and every afternoon/evening the Tel Avivians come around to drink after work during “Happy Hours” – the time when you can buy 2 drinks for the price of 1, normally between 18:00-21:00.

The bars around are very good for mingling and meeting new people because the tables at the bars are long and all the people are sitting next to each other which is a great & easy way to meet people around you.

Tel Aviv's best bar to meet new people
The bars at Dizengoff

Meet people from midburn community

Midburn is the little brother & the Israeli version of the international organization, The Burning Man, and maintains ten principals on which the organization’s culture and guidelines are based.

People gather together into camps (groups) in different sizes (between 10-60 people in a group) and together they build a camp around a subject (anything you can imagine) and in that way get to know and hangout.

Personally, since I joined Midburn, I have met a lot of new people which are now very good friends of mine and we are in contact on a daily basis.

meeting people in Tel Aviv through midburn
my midburn family

Facebook groups which can help you connect with the Midburn community:

Midburn International – Group for foreigners who want to join midburn.

Burning Man Israel – The biggest group in Israel around midburn.

Crystal Gray Camp – My midburn camp. There are a lot of camps around and slowly slowly you will get to know them all if you want…

There are a lot of events happening all the time and from all kinds. Festivals, parties, gatherings and more… And once you will start engaging with the community you will see!

Join a camp and meet new Israeli friends

If you are living in Israel and want to be part of a group of people that meet a lot, go together to festivals, having drinks together, going to the beach and just becoming good friends I recommend you to join a camp.

Camps are looking all the time for new people, and new camps are created all the time, as I said, the main point in my opinion behind Midburn, is meeting new people and opening up!

I truly believe that as a foreigner it can be amazing to have 30 new local friends that you can meet everyday and feel part of a group of people that are looking to have fun.

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