Hey there
How are you?
Welcome to my blog

Come inside, feel at home, there is beer in the fridge.

Just don’t forget to take your shoes off.

What is this blog about?

You did an awesome hike and saw a colorful sunset ,or even just went to lunch in a great new place.

What is the first thing you will do after?

Tell your friends about it, right?

Cool, so that’s what I am all about. Telling friends about magnificent places and activities they
don’t want to miss.

If you came to my website (which is kind of my home this days), you are
definitely my friend.

My goal is to tell you the stories, recommendations & ideas I collect
along the way, focused on Israel and its culture.

The information can be about the big city Tel Aviv, a small & unlnown sunset point near by or even a daily tip which I think can be helpful.

It doesn’t really matter, if it is fun, colorful, easy going and can make someones day better I will put it here.

You can also be sure it is going
to be fun reading, because the main purpose of this blog is that you will enjoy reading.

I might not be the most professional blogger out there, but will definitely do my best to put a smile on your face.

Who am I?

Still trying to figure it out but for now…

I am Oren, from Tel Aviv.

I like:

Nature, music, tourism, technology, mathematics, art, food, sports and more…

I am a curious, open minded person, who likes to learn & explore new things all the time.

Constantly learning & teaching myself new skills.

me during sunrise in south Israel
Me happy during sunrise in south Israel

Why did I start this blog?

All my life I worked in hospitality, bars, restaurants, hostels, coffee shops and everything you can imagine.

Whenever and wherever I worked, I enjoyed recommending people about stuff that I think they will love.

I can say that most of the times I have succeeded and it is a great feeling to hear from someone that your recommendations were amazing and made his day.

Thats why I decided to share some of the stuff here, and I really hope that if you are already here you will leave this website with somthing, even if it is very small.