tel aviv tips from a local

Visiting Tel Aviv? Listen to the locals: Eran

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Hi! Eran, originally from Tel Aviv, living in Florentin for the last year and absolutely in love with the neighborhood.

“What would you recommend for a tourist coming to Tel Aviv?”

Feel the rhythm, walk the streets and communicate with the locals, they all know English!

“A cool place to meet people in town?”

Apart from the beach i would recommend the small bars of southern Tel Aviv, A nice “hello” gesture just might lead to a really nice conversation.

meet people at the beach in Tel Aviv
The beach in Tel Aviv has an amazing vibe. People are very friendly and open to meet others

“Beer Bazar” at Levinski Market is an amazing local bar in South Tel Aviv. The bar has many great beers from local Israeli breweries. The best time to visit is during friday noon.

Every Friday noon they have “Drunken Friday” – You sit with friends to the table, you each pay for a personal drink you want, and choose together a bottle of alcohol for FREE for the whole table (Whiskey, Vodka or somthing else). YES, IT’S TRUE… and fun!!!

"Beer Bazar" Tel Aviv - local bar with amazing beers from the tap
“DRUNKEN FRIDAY” at Beer Bazar, Levinski Market

“A highlight in Tel Aviv people shouldn’t miss?”

Rent a scooter and just wander the city, it hides many of its interesting places and sights.

“What’s your favorite place outside of Tel Aviv?”

The desert is one of my favorites for sure, the chilliness at nights with the amazing views are the best.

the desert in israel is one of the best places outside of tel aviv
Coming to Tel Aviv but looking also for a trip outside the city? You have to visit the desert, It’s incredible!

“Where’s the best street food in Tel Aviv?”

I would say Sabich Frischman (on Frischman st.) is just perfection.

Tourists always speak about hummus. Wait until you try Sabich…..

“Doing any kind of sport? activity? something like that?”

Like many in Tel Aviv i love yoga and pilates and there are tons of places for that all over the city, it makes you fit, puts you in a meditative mode and gives you the opportunity to meet nice people.

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