recommendations by locals Tel Aviv

Planning to visit Tel Aviv? Listen to the locals: Hadas

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Hi, I’m Hadas, 32, single, 5.5 years in Tel Aviv. I live in Sheinkin Steet at the moment and really enjoy the area. I like Tel Aviv because of the different people around that make the place very interesting.

I love the endless opportunities that the city provides and that it is never boring. but the best thing for me about this place is the beach, being able to watch the sunrise and sunset several times a week fills me with energy.   

Map of Hadas’s Favorites

“What’s your favorite place outside of Tel Aviv?”

Emek Izrael (Jezreel Valley), the place where I grew up. I love it because of the peace that the area has, the beautiful green fields & natural springs all over, and the relaxing vibe away from the city.

recommended by locals day trip outside of Tel Aviv
Emek Izrael – One of the most beatiful areas in Israel

“What’s the number one beach in Tel Aviv?”

Trumpeldor Beach. During morning it’s really relaxed and quiet with only some people doing sports or taking their dogs on a walk. Sunset time is also amazing at this beach. During the day it’s becoming a bit busier and many Tel Avivian’s come here to chill with their friends.

“Doing any kind of sport around the city? activity? something like that?where do you do it? what it gives to you?”

Running along the beach promenade. Helps me being near the beach 4 times a week, enjoying the amazing sunrises and sunsets, breathing fresh air and watching the people running or walking around.

Running is not only a sport for me, it helps me release energy and gives me the time to be quiet with myself away from the noise that’s in the city.

I workout at “Boost” which is a great studio that has a big variety of classes & lessons. I like this studio because of the personal attention they give, which is really important for me. My favorite workout is the ‘core muscle & balance’ exercise which helps me with running.

local advice Tel Aviv

“Where’s the best happy hour in Tel Aviv?”

“Salon Berlin”, great atmosphere and 1+1 on the drinks EVERY DAY until 22:30.

“A highlight in Tel Aviv people shouldn’t miss?

“The Block” – The best club in Tel Aviv. The sound here is amazing and the vibe at the dancefloor is beautiful. It is open every weekend on Thursday (Psy-Trance) and Friday (Techno & House) and truly worth a visit.

recommende by locals Tel Aviv - "The Block"

“Where’s the best street food in Tel Aviv?”

“Ha-Kosem” (The magician) – The Falafel is unbelievably fresh, the place is very clean and there is a big variety of salads to choose from. There’s a good reason for the big line here!

the best falafel in tel aviv recommended by locals

“What do you hate the most about Tel Aviv?”

The high density at the Carmel Market, Bars & coffee-shops during weekends. Parking is also a huge problem in Tel Aviv.

“What’s your beloved coffee-shop in the town?”

“Yom Tov Café” at the Yemenite’s Quarter. The atmosphere & people around are great, and the food is amazing, freshly made from raw materials directly from the market.

"Yom Tov Cafe" - recommended by locals Tel Aviv
“Yom Tov Café” – The food is amazing !!!

“A cool store in Tel Aviv that sells unique stuff?”

“Salon Berlin”, this time the clothing shop, not the bar. They sell cool stuff in reasonable prices.

“What would you recommend for tourists coming to Tel Aviv?”

Walk around the city, feel the vibe and the freedom it offers, drink a coffee in a small place on Ben-Tsiyon Blvd and watch the people around, have a sunset walk along the beach, eat the as many local food as you can and party at night.

recommended by locals Tel Aviv - Ben Tzyon Blvd
Ben-Tsiyon Blvd – A beautiful street. Walk around, drink a coffee and meet some nice people on the street.

“The best restaurant in Tel Aviv?”

“Zepra” – The food, service and atmosphere are amazing. If you go you have to try the raw fish dishes the serve!

“A beautiful sunset point?”

Independence Park has one of the best sunset points in Tel Aviv. Located on a cliff next to Hilton Hotel, you can see the whole cost of Tel Aviv, from Jaffa till’ the northern beaches.

“What’s a word in Hebrew a tourist should learn?”

“Dibur” – It means “word”, and you say it when someone says something exciting or invites you somewhere.

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