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Ask The Locals TLV: Ask Keren

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Hi, I’m Keren. I am 30 years old and I’ve been living in TLV for about 4 years. I live in Levinsky Market which is the best market in TLV with the best local food and the most unique people. I LOVE TLV, It has the most amazing vibe for any kind of mood.

“What do you like the most about Tel Aviv?”

The food definitely, big variety of amazing fresh and healthy food from all kinds. cheap street food on the go or amazing chef restaurants.

“What do you hate the most about Tel Aviv?”

Because it is the best city in Israel for young people it can get really crowded especially during the weekends, so even going out for a cup of coffee in Friday noon can become impossible.

“What’s the number one beach in Tel Aviv?”

The “west beach” (next to Etzel Museum), it’s located on the border of Jaffa and it’s for sure the best one, with the most interesting people, there’s always something going on there and still you can always find a quiet spot to relax.

unique beach in Tel Aviv next to Jaffa
Keren celebrating 30 with friends in her favorite beach

“Where’s the best street food in Tel Aviv?”

“Jasmino” – It is really simple but just the best street food you can ask for – pita bread filled with grilled meat, grilled vegetables, tehini, fresh salad and for the brave ones – amba (a unique sauce, made of mango, which I love & you have to try at least once, but not before an important first date).

“What’s your favorite spot in Tel Aviv?”

I love the small area called American-German colony. It’s close to Florentin and the beach, and it is a nice place to walk with beautiful architecture.

“What’s the funniest word in Hebrew a tourist should learn?”

“ESH”- It means fire in Hebrew and is slang for “all good”, “great” etc.

“Where’s the best happy hour in town?”

“Bushwik” – It’s a cocktail bar located in brown hotel at Nahalat Binyamin 28 and it has some amazing cocktails and great food. The happy hour is ALL DAY – from 12:00-20:00 so you can start drinking early, like you should if you’re on a vacation in Tel Aviv.

“How do you get around Tel Aviv usually?”

With an electric scooter, you can rent one using different apps, it is easy and fun, just be careful.

“What’s your beloved coffee-shop in town?”

“Tony Ve Esther”, It’s in levinsky market, has great coffee and food and very good value for money. Plus, the people here are friendly and you can also work on your computer.

“A cool store in Tel Aviv that sells unique stuff?”

I love dizengoff street, not the shopping center but the street! you can start from Ben-Gurion Blvd and go all the way to the shopping center. you will find many stores in different prices. a lot of Israeli designers shops selling clothes, shoes and jewelry but also just a great walk and cool vibe.

“A unique hidden gem in Tel Aviv?”

If you are looking for a place to get away from the city noise and relax, there is a great park called “Park HaHorshot”, it’s about 15 minutes from levinsky market & Florentin, and not a lot of people are familiar with the park. It’s quiet and a great picnic spot to just relax under a tree. plus, it has a really big zip-line for kids of all ages.

“Top neighborhood?”

Levinsky area for sure! it has the best food and people. It still feels like a neighborhood and everybody know each other. plus, it’s not far from many bars in Rothschild Blvd and a waking distance to the beach- about 15 minutes.

“A highlight in Tel Aviv people shouldn’t miss?”

The perfect pizza in town and also a great place for a drink – “Pizza Lila”, also in Levinsky market, perfect for lunch or dinner. don’t be afraid if there is a long waiting list, grab a drink, it’s worth it!

“A cool place to meet people?”

A big bar called The “Teder”. It’s located on Eilat street in south TLV and it has great vibe, good pizza and live music or a DJ playing. also on Saturdays there’s sometimes an event during the day so check their website.

“The best restaurant in Tel Aviv?”

“Thai at Har Sinai” – Great food and cool atmosphere with a DJ playing nice music and beautiful people.

“A beautiful sunset point?”

“Charls Clore” bridge, next to the “Etzel” museum.

charles clore bridge sunset point tel aviv

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