Tel Aviv tips from a local: Michael

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Hey there, what’s up? I am Michael, living in Ussishkin St, on the south bank of the Yarkon park / river. It’s been 3 years now living here.

I love dancing like no one’s around and having a deep conversation over a little too much wine. Sweating from basketball is a big passion and every time I score a ball, I feel the same great feeling I used to feel when I was 10 years old.

Tel Aviv tips and recommendations map (Michael’s favorites)

“What’s your favorite place outside of Tel Aviv?”

Not too far there is a nice spot to dip in the Yarkon river. Ramla is a beautiful & cute little town and the market there is great. I also like exploring the hills next to Rosh HaAyin and discover beautiful little beaches north from Tel Aviv (Shefayim area).

“Where’s your favorite graffiti in the city?”

hmmm… There’s one of Hertzl, where he looks like a cool hipster. It’s in Nachalat Binyamin St.

Tel Aviv travel tips from locals - graffiti art in Tel Aviv

“A cool store in Tel Aviv that sells unique stuff?”

“Imported Goods” from the far east at the old central bus stand.

“Where’s the best street food in Tel Aviv?”

For me, The Yemenite’s quarter for sure. Good bread, soups and coffee.

“Where’s a good place to watch the sunset?”

That wave breaker next to Gordon is awesome (Migdalor Marina Tel Aviv), you can walk all the way to the end of it and watch the city from the sea, it’s beautiful.

“Your top neighborhood?”

Florentin, it’s just the coolest neighborhood in Tel Aviv with some amazing graffiti, small coffee-shops and interesting life on the streets.

“The best restaurant in Tel Aviv?”

  • Hamiznon, they have amazing stuff, but the best part is the small edges of the pita’s that they cut off and serve to the guests with all the dipping’s to warmup the stomach.
  • Nam is also one of my favorites.
Hamiznin - Recommended by locals Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv Travel Tips

“Doing any kind of sport? activity? something like that? where do you do it & what does it give you?”

I love the outdoor gyms that are spread all around the beach route and parks. I have a rule that keeps me fit. whenever I see a pull up bar, I must do some. can’t break a rule you know.

Tel Aviv tips from locals - outdoor gyms tel aviv beach

“What’s the best place/way to celebrate your birthday in Tel Aviv?”

Grab a beer with a good friend and walk the streets, stop and relax on a bench and look at the people. Then, buy another beer and repeat. It’s simple fun.

“What’s the funniest word in Hebrew a tourist should learn?”

‘Shmok’, but I think it’s actually Yiddish. You can say it to someone if he’s an assh***.

“Where’s the best happy hour in town?”

Good vibes & cheap beer is at ‘Java’ or ‘GUGYS publich house’.

“What’s your favorite spot in Tel Aviv?”

Hard one. My favorite habit is walking with a beer you know so… But if I had to choose, it would probably be the Abraham Hostel – there’s always something happening and the place is just pure fun.

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv - Tips from locals Tel Aviv. Recommended by locals

“A cool place to meet people?”

  • FluenTLV – A language exchange program which happens each time in a different place and gives you not only the opportunity to learn a new a language but also to meet people from around the world.
  • Abraham Hostel, again, it’s just an amazing place to hang out and meet interesting people.
  • Meetups, there are many of them happening all the time in Tel Aviv. A good way to stay tuned is using an app called ‘Meetup’, it has most of the meetups in it. If you like running you can meet people at adidas running group.

“What do you hate the most about Tel Aviv?”

Noisy, can’t really find absolute silence, and also, there’s a very intense vibe in the air, fast paste vibes – it’s a real thing. other than that, it’s the best city in the world, really.

“How do you get around Tel Aviv usually?”

Scooter, skateboard and bus.

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