Locals recommendations about Tel Aviv

Tips from a stylish Tel Avivian sweetheart – Moran

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Hey there, I’m Moran. I’ve been living in Tel Aviv for the last 6 years and currently single. Working at Fiverr for the last couple of years and really enjoy it. On my day to day I like to meet friends for a happy hour drink, exercise & dance salsa, eat good food and hangout at the beach.

Tel Aviv tips and recommendations map (Moran’s favorites)

“What’s your favorite place outside of Tel Aviv?”

Both Nahsholim Beach and HaBonim Beach are beautiful. Amazing beaches to go for the day or even to stay for the night.

“What’s the number one beach in Tel Aviv?”

There are two beaches which I like the most. The first is Hilton Beach, in the northern part of the city. Just next to the beach there’s one of the best sunset points in Tel Aviv (Independence Park Sunset Point), the view from it is great and many people come here to hangout. The other one is Trumpeldor Beach, located in the center of Tel Aviv, the beach is very wide, always has a good vibe, a fun atmosphere and you’ll see people around you doing all kinds of activities at the beach.

Beaches in Tel Aviv - Recommended by locals. Hilton & Trumpeldor beach

“How do you get around Tel Aviv usually?”

I usually use “Bird” (an electric scooter) – Easy, fast, fun and a unique way to explore the Tel Aviv. The best thing is that you don’t need to look for a parking!

“Doing any kind of sport or activity? where do you do it? what Does it give to you?”

I really enjoy doing functional training & yoga at “Beit Hanna” – A gym, cafe & community center. The place is very good and I like it because they give personal attention to everyone. It’s fun, puts you in shape and just the perfect thing for your body & soul.

Beit Hanna Tel Aviv - Recommended by locals

“Where’s the best street food in Tel Aviv?”

Levinski Market is one of the best areas to eat in Tel Aviv. Friday noon is a perfect time to go with friends, sit outside in the sun, eat amazing food and get drunk.

“What’s the worst thing about Tel Aviv?”

My biggest issue with the city is that it can be very noisy sometimes and a lot of the places are packed with people, especially on weekends. It’s also quite expensive here.

“The best restaurant in Tel Aviv?”

Hard question, there’s a lot. Allora and Hanoi are two of my favorites.

  • Allora is located at Ben Gurion street which is one of the nicest streets in Tel Aviv. You can walk the street all the way to the beach and sit on one of the benches on the way and enjoy the liveliness of the area. It’s an italian restaurant so make sure you order their pizza and eat it at the balcony outside.
  • Hanoi is a small Vietnamese restaurant located in a beautiful street as well. The staff is super friendly and it is recommended to order food to the middle of the table and share it.
Recommended by locals Tel Aviv - Restaurants in Tel Aviv - Hanoi & Allora

“Top neighborhood?”

I live close to Dizengoff/Arlozorov (center Tel Aviv) and I really like the area. You can find everything around and it’s very close to the beach. Lot’s of nice streets around with small coffee shops and places to sit outside.

“A cool place to meet people?”

Go and dance salsa at Havana Club, you will meet a lot of people and free your mind.

“Where’s the best happy hour in town?”

I like the happy hour at the Beer Garden. The bar is located next to Dizengoff Square, where all the young, hip, and cool people gather.

“What’s your beloved coffee-shop in the town?”

Origem Fresh Coffee. It’s a small & intimate place, good service and good coffee.

“A cool store in Tel Aviv that sells unique stuff?”

Yooletta in Masaryk Square – very cool stuff.

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