locals advise on things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Tips From A Local: Tal

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Hey! I’m Tal, I’m 30 years old, and I’ve been living nearby the Bima square in Tel Aviv for about 3 years now. It is the beating heart of Tel Aviv and very close to all the main points of interest; the famous and picturesque Rotchild avanue, Dizengoff street (and center) with all the bars, King george street and more!

Tal’s Favorites on the map

“What’s your favorite place outside of Tel Aviv?”

During the winter season I love visiting the south, the Negev desert and the country side nearby Be’er Sheva is blooming this time of year. During summer, The northern beaches like “Dor”, “Ha’bonim” and “Sdot Yam” are great!

“What would you recommend for a tourist coming to Tel Aviv?”

I would recommend hitting the beach (during summer, yea?) and exploring the many different restaurants and taverns around the city and the markets! The food is just great and the vibe is something else.

beach in Tel Aviv with friends

“What do you hate the most about Tel Aviv?”

I would trade the summer humidty for pretty much anything.

“What’s the number one beach in Tel Aviv?”

I love Ge’ula beach! somehow it feels less crowded even though it’s pretty central.

“Teach us a funny sentence in Hebrew”

Say: “mitbayesh mitbayesh, aval ha-garon yavesh”.

It means: “shy shy, but the throat is dry”.

It sounds funny and every Israeli knows about this one. It’s coming from a famous old Israeli movie named, “Hagiga Ba-Snooker”. A good sentence to “beark the ice” with the locals.

hunny Hebrew sentence from a famous Israeli movie

“Where’s the best street food in Tel Aviv?”

I’d say the Carmel market in general has great street food, but Allenby street has “Jasmino” which has to be the best Kebab in the city.

“Where’s the best happy hour in town?”

The “Fasada bar” on Rotchild street has a decent happy hour with great food (for a bar, really) and cheap drinks. Also pretty much any bar around Levinski market.

“How do you get around Tel Aviv usually?”

Walking or my scooter! very important during summer time.

“What’s your beloved coffee-shop in town?”

I really like “Tozeret Ha-arez” nearby Masaryk Squere (nearby the bigger Rabin squere). It has something warm and welcoming to it.

“A beautiful sunset point?”

Besides Jaffa, I would say Independence Park. Located on a small rounded hill nearby the Hilton hotel, by the boardwalk overlooking the beach, that has a really great view down to Hilton beach and it’s small lighthouse. It looks amazing when the sun sets, very romantic.

Sunset in Tel Aviv Jaffa
Sunset in Jaffa

“A cool store in Tel Aviv that sells unique stuff?”

“BOLENAT” on Bugrashov street, has some cool, stylish and psychedelic clothing!

“A unique hidden gem in Tel Aviv?”

Suzanne Dellal in Neve Tzedek. It has a great ice cream place nearby and the area is really beautiful.

“Top neighborhood?”

The center of Tel Aviv is probably the best.

“A highlight in Tel Aviv people shouldn’t miss?”

Sarona Market. The old templar houses make for a great shopping area! Lots of nice coffee-shops with garden to sit outside.

A cool place to meet people?

The Abraham Hostel in Levontin street. If you are a tourist who’s here for fun and meeting like minded people, that’s the place to be. Cool rooftop bar, big colorful lounge with many sitting areas, foosball, pool table and other fun activities every day.

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