Alternative beach activies in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s alternative beach activities 2020

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Tel Aviv houses a variety of unique exercise opportunities that provide fun alternatives to the monotony of the daily trip to the gym. Instead of doing your regular routine on the treadmill and couple of hours of pumping iron at the gym, you can workout, exercise or do an alternative sporty activity at the beach.

Tel Aviv’s alternative beach activities and outdoor exercise options include: Swimming, beach volleyball, beach footvolley, frisbee, SUP yoga, running along Tel aviv’s beach promenade, surfing, exercising at the free outdoor beach gyms, sunset yoga, cycling and more…

activities at the beach in tel aviv
dogs beach in Tel-Aviv on the border with Jaffa

Why exercising at the beach in Tel Aviv?

Value and lifestyle

I truly think that the best part of Tel Aviv is the beach. Doing something at the beach 2-3 times a week will make you happier. It doesn’t have to be a sporty activity, it can also be something relaxing such as watching the sunset while walking and listening to music or just laying in the sun reading a book. Still, if you’re training or exercising anyways why not doing it at the beach?

A great way to meet new people

Joining groups and playing with other people at the beach is a great way to meet new friends. One of the best ways to meet new people is by doing an activity together, it takes away the shyness and helps people open up and feel more comfortable.

So if you want to meet new people in a cool & easy way, have more time at the beach and do some activities to enrich your lifestyle, then I recommend this beach activities for you.

Tel Aviv’s best beach activities and alternative outdoor exercises:

If you are looking for a sporty activity there are many to choose from. Some of the activities you can do by yourself and some of them are for 2 people or a group. You don’t need to worry if you are alone. People at the beach always look for other people to join them or their group, it is very common to just ask if it is possible to join.

Walk, Run, skate or cycle along Tel Aviv’s beach promenade (Tayelet)

One of the best things about Tel Aviv is its beach promenade. Recently renovated, the promenade runs along Tel Aviv’s coastline all the way from jaffa till’ Tel Aviv’s port and even byond.

I truly believe that it’s one of the best boardwalks in the world. It offers easy access to the beach or any of the countless cafes dotted along the shore. The beach promenade is always interesting, full of life and one of the best beach activities for all ages.

The best thing about this boardwalk is that it’s one of the best places in Tel Aviv to watch the sunset. It feel like the all the people are coming down to the beach during the sunset which gives it a magical vibe.

Play beach volleyball and footvolley

Every day from around sunset time until 12 pm, people play beach volleyball and footvolley. You can find groups of people in different levels from Trumpeldor beach going north all the way to Gordon beach.

It is absolutely free to join and there’re many nets spreaded across the beach. People are playing after work till’ night which is amazing because after you finish you can take a night swim.

Play frisbee

One of the best activities for the beach. When you have an open space like the beach throwing the flying plate long distances feels amazing. Many people play frisbee at the beach so you can always find someone to play with you if you are alone or to join someone if you don’t have a frisbee.

beach activities in Tel Aviv - playing frisbee at the beach.

SUP yoga

Stand up paddle boarding aka SUP is an amazing beach activity by itself, add the yoga part to it and you’ve got a really good combination. The sport has developed a lot in the recent years and there are different kinds companies or private people teaching it.

Doing yoga on a paddle board inside the sea during sunset is a magical experience for the body & mind. Tel Aviv is a fast-paced city, stopping for a moment, doing yoga, listening to the waves and having the sunset in the background is the perfect stress relief activity for you.

SUP yoga takes place in Marina Tel Aviv, there are private and group classes to choose from, you just have to go and check it out yourself.

Sunset yoga

For the yoga lovers, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer. Doing yoga at the beach during sunset is the perfect thing to finish your day. There are many places that have it, here is one i recommend – sunset yoga.

Surf or learn how to

Tel Aviv is always good for surfing, winter and summer. There are 2 main surf spots in Tel-Aviv. One beach is on the border with Jaffa, the other one is Aviv beach next to Banana beach. Surfing is big in Tel-Aviv and there’s a cool community & hype around it which will make it easy to start and meet some new people.

The best time of the day to go surfing is during sunrise or sunset. The weather & sun is perfect this time, it is really beautiful & magical, and you will have a great sporty session combined with a sunset/sunrise meditation.

Play matkot (an Israeli kind of beach tennis game)

Matkot is kind of an Israeli thing, a bit like beach tennis. It’s fun, easy to learn, light to carry and just a perfect sport for the beach.

beach activities in Tel Aviv during sunset. Playing 'Matkot'
The pefect exercise for the beach during sunset – ‘matkot’

Outdoor beach gyms

There are many outdoor and open-air free gyms along Tel-Aviv’s promenade. You can start from the southern part of the beach, running towards the northern part, stopping on the way at the fitness facilities & exercising parks to work on other parts of the body.

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  1. There is nothing better then the beach in Tel-Aviv,
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