Tel Aviv - the best beach city destination in the middle east

The best beach city destination in the Middle East

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If you’re planning to visit the middle east and looking for an all-around, 24 hour, urban-beach experience, then, Tel Aviv is the perfect travel destination for you.

Tel Aviv is the best beach city destination in the Middle East. There’s something special in Tel Aviv, a feeling of freedom. Known for its beautiful & lively coastline , art galleries & street art graffiti, amazing street food & restaurants, culture & history and a nightlife scene well known all-over the world, Tel Aviv provides the perfect conditions for a beach city vacation.

Common questions about Tel Aviv

Is Tel Aviv safe?

You know how it is with the media and everything, it’s always misleading. Living in Tel Aviv for a long time (5 years now) and meeting a lot of tourists who visited the city, one of the first things I hear is how people are always surprised by how safe Tel Aviv is. The locals are nice and & helpful, we all speak English and the vibe in the city is very happy, nothing to worry about.

Is Tel Aviv expensive?

So, the answer is yes, it is expensive, but it’s worth every penny! Hanging out in the city you’ll probably spend most of your money on food drinks and accommodation. If you are on a budget there are ways to save money.

You can find some great hostels like Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv, which gives amazing value for money. Another way to save a lot of money is by choosing right places to eat and drink. Tel Aviv has some of the best street food in the world – diverse, tasty, fun & much cheaper than eating in restaurants.

Tel Aviv's beach is what makes it the perfect travel destination in the middle east

Why is Tel Aviv such an exciting travel destination?

Basically, you can do whatever you dream about in this city. Wake up to an outstanding Israeli breakfast, leave to the beach walking through beautiful streets and markets, chillout at the beach or be active doing some amazing beach activities, watch the sunset, go rest for a bit and then party till’ sunrise.

The main things that make Tel Aviv such an amazing travel destination:

The best beach in the Middle East

The beach in Tel Aviv is absolutely the best part of the city. There’s so much happening that you can basically spend your entire time there and not get bored. The scene at the beach is mind-blowing and you will find people around you doing all sorts of things like acro-yoga, beach volleyball, frisbee, surfing, football and many other amazing beach activities.

Tel Aviv’s beach promenade, stretching all the way from Jaffa to the northern part of the city is a great place to have a sunset walk, run or just to sit and watch the people passing by.

Tel Aviv’s coastline features many beaches, each of them is different and special in its own way. Some of the beaches are quiet and chilled, some of them are busier and touristy, one thing I can say for sure, they all have their own magic in their way and none of them will disappoint you.

The best nightlife in the Middle East

Nightlife in Tel Aviv is huge and you can basically party from the moment you land till’ the second you leave. The music scene is amazing and you can find different places playing your type of music every day of the week.

Bars, clubs, beach parties and a big underground scene are things that Tel Aviv is very famous for worldwide. If you want to party, Tel Aviv has got you covered.

The food

In terms of the culinary aspect, Tel Aviv will provide you an experience you cannot imagine. There’s so much food out there you won’t be able to stop eating.

For vegans, Tel Aviv is considered as a “vegans heaven”, with so many places coming with some crazy ideas for the vegans around.

The Israeli cuisine is a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern fusion. With every corner of the street selling fresh food in its own stylish way, you can stop at every place and be amazed of the tastes & atmosphere around you.

Going through one of Tel Aviv’s markets you can grab some amazing street food and take it away with you to one of Tel Aviv’s beautiful picnic spots.


the food in Tel Tviv is one of the things that makes Tel Aviv the best travel destination in the middle east

The people

Israeli people are extremely friendly and helpful. We all speak English and very open minded so you can easily meet people wherever you go and dive into a deep conversation.

Tel Aviv is a very young city and most Israelis have lived in Tel Aviv when they where between the ages of 20 to 30, at least for a period of time . I truly think that it’s the people who make the city and in the case of Tel Aviv, the young people are the ones who make it and that’s why it is considered the beating heart of Israel.

Tel Aviv is a great travel destination because of the locals livig there

The weather

Apart from July and August which are quite hot and humid, the temperatures at the rest of the year are always pleasant and comfortable. The winter is very short in Tel Aviv and even then, it is not so cold. Some of the people go to the beach even during winter time. In general, you can visit Tel Aviv during the whole year and always have fun & make the most of it.    

The culture

Culturally, Tel Aviv has it all. Museums, live music, street art & graffiti, history, concerts, you name it… If you want to experience culture, you will, a lot of it.

Tel Aviv has amazing street art for people who are looking for a travel destination that is full of art

The size

Tel Aviv is quite a small city which is nice because even in a weekend long vacation you can feel that you’ve experienced it without having the FOMO feeling all the time.

Because of its size, it’s really easy getting from place to place. You can use public transportation, bicycle, electric scooter or even walk, which is mostly enough if you’re not staying to far away.  

Visiting the middle east?! Check out Tel Aviv, the best beach city in the area!

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