pictic spot near Tel Aviv Gibton

A cool picnic spot near Tel Aviv you probably never heard of

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Looking for a quiet place outside of Tel-Aviv but not too far away? Like to have picnics in unusual places? want to try a new place in nature that is easy to reach but still feels remote?

Here is a fun place: Gibton – only 20 minutes away from the big city!

map of the pictic spot gibton
The picnic spot and map of the area

Where is Gibton located?

Gibton is located only twenty minutes away from Tel-Aviv, south-east, in an area called ‘Ha-Shfella’. The location on google maps is right here.

How to Get There?

The best way in my opinion is meet a local Israeli that will take you there.

The other way is to take a train from Tel Aviv to the train station called ‘Mazkeret Batya’. from there you can take a walk through the fields, about 2 km, which can also be really fun and a unique experience.

Why visiting gibton?

Only people living in the area visit this place and it is not touristy at all. I think That sometimes it can be a cool experience visiting a less known area or spot as a tourist or just in General.

About the spot and the area

The picnic spot is located on a small hill that has beautiful 360 degree view to all the area around. At the spot there is also a memorial site, which gives it the mysterious vibe and adds another flavor to the total experience.

Other than that, there are also some natural springs and a small lake just two minutes walk from the hill. that’s really cool because in general, Israel is pretty dry when it comes to natural springs. there are some springs but usually they are full of people and it can be quite noisy, especially in the weekends. When you finish the picnic, you can take a walk around the area, there is a nice forest and some nice plantations around.

Quote of the day

“sometimes the small places make the big difference”

gibton natural springs
A unique & quiet place to have a pictic day

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