Tel Aviv - the best city in the Middle East for singles

Find a date in Tel Aviv – the perfect city for singles

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Tel Aviv is full of singles and the vibe is great. Everyone is super friendly & open to meet new people so it is really easy to start a conversation, to go out on a date or to just make a new friend.

Few things you should know about the Israeli dating culture in Tel-Aviv that will improve your chances of meeting your perfect partner: don’t bullshit, be funny, be yourself, be confident, don’t dress too fancy and wish for luck.

What’s special about the Israelis?

First things first, before you start talking to an Israeli you should know a little bit about their character. Generally speaking, most of Israeli people are usually straightforward, girls too. They are not afraid of saying what’s on their mind on something that is important to them or letting the other person know if they are in to him, or if they’re not.

It can be hard to adjust at the beginning, but after understanding the culture and the meaning it can be really helpful because there is no need for games or bullshit.

Still you need to be prapared getting a NO answer from guy or a girl, and maybe even just a complete ignore, usually from a girl. I don’t think it’s because they want to heart you, it’s just that Israeli girls are used to an aggressive approach and can get a lot of attention till it sometimes just easier to ignore. But don’t let it break your spirit, trying is the best way of succeeding.

Where can you find a date and meet locals?

There are many bars and places to go out in city and meet locals, most of the “pick-up” bars are located near Rothschild Blvd. like the “Kuli-Alma”, the “Radio” or the “Buxa”.

Besides all of the regular places, I recommend checking Independence Park near Hilton hotel. It is a small park above the sea and the perfect location to watch the sunset. You will see many people hanging out there, the vibe is great and the opportunities are endless.

If you want to know more about the best places to meet people make sure you check out this post.

how to meet israeli people in tel aviv

What to say?

There are many pick-up lines I can write for you, but I think the best advice is just start a conversation by asking them about something. Since you are a tourist, ask them for a recommendation, like their favorite bar, restaurant or anything that you are really into. It’s the perfect way to make them talk, you can learn a lot about the person and it’s a nice & friendly way to get to know someone and “break the ice”.

If the vibe will be good, you can use the recommendation they gave you and just invite them to that place on a date, but try to make it unofficial and just say “grab a drink”.

How to act on a date with Israelis?

Two things I believe Israelis appreciate the most are being direct and being confident. That is part of our character. If you like someone let them know, be upfront but respectful. Nevertheless, always be confident about yourself, especially when talking to an Israeli girl, they are usually a voice to be heard and if you won’t give a fight back, they will get bored easily. However, keep in mind, being confident is not about being cocky.

Quote of the day

“One smile can’t change the world, but your smile changes mine”

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