Tel Aviv's best parks to have a picnic

Tel Aviv’s best parks and picnic spots

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Tel Aviv has some beautiful parks featuring wide open grass fields, big trees, lakes, outdoor gyms cool attractions and more. Pack your picnic basket and visit one of Tel Aviv’s amazing picnic spots.

Some of Tel Aviv’s best picnic spots are: HaYarkon park, Independence park, Gan Hapisga, Florentin park, Charles Clore Park, Park HaHorshot and Meir park. Each of these parks has its own magic and all of them are perfect for a relaxing picnic day.

Tel Aviv’s best parks and picnic spots:

HaYarkon park – The perfect picnic spot for everyone

HaYarkon park is the biggest park in Tel Aviv. It’s located in the northern part of the city with the Yarkon river running through it. The park is awesome and there are so many beautiful picnic spots, hidden corners and other options for you to choose from.

You can have a picnic next to the Lake, on a green grass hill, inside a forest or between stones in the “stone garden” which is another cool attraction in the park. If you wish to have a little workout before the picnic, there are many free outdoor exercise parks all over the place.

picnic spot in Tel Aviv - HaYarkon Park
Rolling Down a hill in Hayarkon Park while Drunk – One of the funniest things to do on a picnic day.

Independence park – A picnic spot with a magical sunset view

This picnic spot is for sure one of the best places to bring snacks and drinks with friends or with a date. The picnic spot is located on a hill, overlooking the beach, and I recommend you to go there around 4-5 pm and stay until sunset – Watching the sunset from here, having good company over a bottle of wine is one of the best things you can do in Tel Aviv.

Gan HaPisga – A picnic on the summit of Jaffa

This beachside park is located in Jaffa, on a hill next to the beach. At the top of the hill there’s a palm tree, a lonely one, waiting only for you to picnic under it – It is undoubtedly the best picnic spot in the park. Having a picnic at the top of this hill will provide a panoramic view of Tel Aviv’s coastline and skyscrapers. Make sure you’re staying around to watch the sunset, you won’t regret it.

There’s also a beautiful amphitheater in the park, which is the summer hosts some really amazing events, some of them for free, like an outdoor movie night or a live music show.

The park is located 2 minutes’ walk from the beach and 5 minutes’ walk from Jaffa’s flea market (“Shuk HaPishpeshim”), which during the day has some amazing shops & stands of all kinds, and during the night a big variety of bars and restaurants with some cool vibes.

An amazing picnic spot in Tel Aviv - Gan HaPisga. beautiful tree to picpic under
The lonely palm tree on top of “Gan HaPisga” – Magical picnic spot and viewpoint.

Florentin park / Elifelet garden – picnic in the “hippest” neighborhood in Tel Aviv

This park is quite new but becoming a popular picnic spot among the locals living in the area. The park has some really nice grass hills where you can put your blanket and unpack your picnic basket. If you want to do a little workout before the picnic, there’s an outdoor gym available inside the park.

This park is really cool because it is located in Florentin, a neighborhood full of graffiti, interesting people, small coffee places and a lot of dogs and cats. After you finish your picnic, take a walk and explore the streets around, you won’t be disappointed.

Florentin Park - A picnic spot in one of the coolest areas in Tel Aviv
Amazing people having a picnic at one of the coolest neighborhoods in town

Charles Clore Park – An after-beach picnic spot

One of the biggest parks in Tel Aviv, stretches all the way from Jaffa to the central beaches of Tel Aviv. If you’re planning on visiting one of the beaches around the area, I truly recommend you to get some beers and snacks, walk around the park, pick a tree you like and picnic under it. You can get everything you need for cheap price in the Carmel Market Located 5-10 minutes away.

The Park features some cool playgrounds and fountains that can be fun for the children and the adults of the group. Having a picnic after the beach watching the sunset from this park will boost you up with great energy for the evening to come.

Charles Clore Park - A beachside picnic spot full of amazing things to do around

Park HaHorshot – A picnic spot you probably never heard of

Located in southeast Tel Aviv, this park is less known, even among the locals. I truly think that visiting less touristy places is one of the best things you can do on while traveling.

This park is quite big compared to other parks in Tel Aviv and there’s a big variety of picnic spots around it for you to choose from. All picnic spots are very comfortable & shaded by beautiful pine trees spreaded all over the park.

Besides the picnic, you can also find some unique attractions nearby the park. Some of the attractions include a beautiful old Russian orthodox church, the zoological garden, an outdoor gym, and the society for prevention of cruelty to Animals in Israel – an amazing place for people who are looking to volunteer with animals.

A beatiful picnic spot in Tel Aviv that is less touristy - Park HaHorshot
Working on the balance – Slacklining at the park

Meir Park – A quiet place to picnic in the middle of the center

Located in the center of Tel Aviv, this beautiful park has some gorgeous picnic spots in it. The centrally located park is a great place to stop and escape the noisy city if you are doing a walking tour around the area.

There are tons of street food around where you can “take away” something with you and bring it to the park. The park also features a big dogs garden, an outdoor gym and the first memorial site to gay holocaust victims.

If you’re interested in shopping the park is located next to King George street and Dizengoff street, which are perhaps the best streets in Tel Aviv for shopping clothes.

A peaceful picnic spot in Tel Aviv - Meir Park

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