Tel Aviv's most quiet and relaxing beach

Quiet and non-tourisy beach in Tel Aviv

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Looking for a quiet beach in Tel Aviv? Want to take a break and escape the noisy city? Try this quiet beach which you probably never heard of.

“Secret Beach”, located near Reading power station, is the most peaceful, quiet, relaxing & non touristy beach in Tel Aviv. With small lagoons, blue water and no tourists, it is a perfect beach to take some time to relax, read a book & enjoy the sunset.

Tel Aviv's most quiet and relaxing beach - "Secret Beach"
“Secret Beach” Tel Aviv

Is there a quiet & non-touristy beach in Tel Aviv?

I know that you probably won’t believe me, but YES, there is, and it is amazing.

Where is the quiet beach in Tel Aviv?

The beach is located near the Tel Aviv’s port, about 1 km north to it. Next to the beach there is a small air port so you might see planes landing and taking off which is really cool while lying on the sand.

How to get there?

The best way getting there is with an electric scooter.  There are plenty of scooters around Tel Aviv you can rent, it is fun and cheap.

The other way is to take a bus to Reading Bus Terminal, located near the port. From there you can walk to the beach, about 1 km, 20 min walk. Buses go there all the time from anywhere around the city.

What’s around & what you should bring?

The beach doesn’t have much around it, that’s what is so nice about it. Bring water, beer, book, music, fruits, snacks & stuff to protect yourself from the sun for the day. You can find everything you need on the way to the beach at the port.

There is a small indoor market Called “Tel Aviv Port Market” in the port that has everything you need. There is also some great, freshly made food, which you can sit down and eat or take away with you. Just a fun place to visit before continuing to the beach.

quiet beach tel aviv
Escape the city rush for a quiet day at the beach

Map of the area and attractions for a quiet beach day in Tel Aviv

Tip for this trip

If you want to explore more, the trail next to the beach continues for about 6 km till’ the next city, Herzeliya, which is the neighbouring city north to Tel Aviv. It is a beautiful trail located in an area which is considered to be a natural reservoir, it is very quiet and most people you will are there so cycle on the trail or do some other sporty activity on the beach. There is a coffee shop on the way on the beach so you can stop to refresh with ice-cream and cold coffee.

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