The hill where you can see the sunrise from

Secret sunrise point in south Israel that will blow your mind

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This non touristy sunrise point in south Israel is really something special. From this little hill next to Tzofar, you will get to see one of the best sunrises in your life.

The hill where you can see the sunrise from
The hill where you can see the magical sunrise from

About the area

The hill where the sunrise is watched from is located next to Tzofar, a moshav in southern Israel. The area is called ‘Ha Aravah Valley’, south to the Dead Sea, north to Eilat, and on the border between Israel to the west and Jordan to the east.

The area in my opinion is one of the most beautiful areas in Israel. It is a deserty area, wild and deserted. If you want, there are many hiking trails around and incredible nature to explore. I definitely recommend on this part of Israel if you are looking for something special.

Where to stay?

There are several caravanserais in the area, in Hebrew named ‘chan’, which is the main accommodation type in the area. the closest one to the sunrise point (1 km walking distance) is “Chan Derech Habsamim”, which means in hebrew – Insence & Spice Route. They provide everything you need and it is a great base location for many hiking trail in the area.  

How to get there?

There are buses going to/from Eilat that stop in Tzofar several times a day.

Hitchhiking is also a common option as many people do it and is just another great way to meet people in Israel.

sunrise spot next to Tzofar, Derech Habsamim
The sunrise spot next to Tzofar

The sunrise spot

Here is the exact location on google if you need the directions.

The colors in this area are light desert colors. Light brown, yellow & white. Here and there you can see some green poping out coming from the stronger plants which are built to stand the tough desent conditions.

Another cool thing about this sunrise spot is that someone build a small shade and furnished the place with a sofa, some chairs and a small table. So you just need to bring the beers, a couple of friends, and that’s it.. you are good to go.

colorful sunrise south israel
One of the most amazing sunrises I have ever seen
sunrise spot in south israel
My friend Raffa, enjoying the moment

So if you are planning to visit south Israel and looking for a unique desert experience don’t forget about this place… It is truly incredible!!

Quote of the day

“Sunrise in the morning, happy in the evening”

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