Tel Aviv's best sunset points

The best places to watch the sunset in Tel Aviv

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If you’re asking, where to watch the sunset in Tel Aviv? Then, here are Tel Aviv’s most amazing sunset point.

Tel Aviv’s best sunset spots

Independance Park sunset viewpoint

Independence Park is one of my favorite places to watch the sunset. Located on a cliff just south to Hilton Hotel. The view from the park is absolutely incredible, open & wide. There’s a nice breeze coming from the sea that gives you the freedom feeling.

Lots of Tel Avivians gather here during the sunset time, bringing drinks, food and something to smoke. The vibes are great around you and it is a cool place to get to know new people.   

HaPisga Garden sunset point

Located in Jaffa, this magical sunset point in located on a hill and surrounded with a beautiful amphitheater. From here you can see Tel Aviv’s sky scrapers and the coast line. A lot of people come here during sunset with snacks and drinks they bring with them.

Sometimes there is a movie night in the amphitheater right after the sunset, so you can enjoy a perfect evening outside in the fresh air with an amazing vibe.

Charles Clore Bridge

Located right next to the beach in the south part of the cost of Tel Aviv. The beach next to this sunset point is one of the best surfing spots in Tel Aviv. Many surfers come here during sunset for their last surfing sessions of the day. Just a great sight watching the surfers having fun during a colorful sunset.

watch the sunset in tel aviv, sunset point tel aviv charls clore bridge

Tupim Beach (Banana Drum Beach)

This sunset point in located at the end of a small sandy lagoon beach. The waves here are quiet and it is nice to walk around during the sunset. There is also a big surfing club next to the beach if you want to rent a surfboard or take a surfing lesson during the sunset.

Geula Beach

Geula beach has one of the craziest sceneries around the coast of Tel Aviv. A lot of cool people hang around this beach and the vibes around this place turn epic during the sunset.

People are playing music, frisbee, juggling, matkot, acro-yoga and so many other activities… It feels like a festival during sunset and I really recommend visiting this beach for the sunset at least once.

The Historic Crane – Tel Aviv Port

Located at the end of a small bridge leading to it in Tel Aviv’s port. Most of the people who are coming to the post are coming mostly for to eat, drink and shop. I think the port is a great place to watch the sunset.

If you are visiting the port make sure you stay for the sunset and the best place to witness it is from The Historic Crane. An old crane stands alone with cool LED lights that turn on once the sun goes down.

The sunset spot is beautiful and quiet, surrounded by sea and waves, and will leave you happy and relaxed for the night to come.

watch the sunset in Tel Aviv, the historic crane sunset point tel aviv port.

Tel Aviv Port Lighthouse

Located about 5 min walk north to the port, there is a light house that has a mysterious vibe to it. Next to the light house there is a small bench, specially for the people who are coming to witness the sunset. The place is very quiet and you will probably be there by your own, only with your thoughts and the peaceful sunset.

Secret beach sunset spot

If you want to watch the sunset from a quiet place on the beach, this is the place for you. Located about 15 minutes-walk north to Tel Aviv’s port, there is a secret beach, that’s its name. It is not really secret but very quiet and non-touristy.

The sunsets from here are unbelievably unique. The beach continues north for kilometers and is a very special and romantic place to go see the sunset and have a relaxing walk along the beach.

You can rent an electric scooter and go there or take a bus to “Reading Station” and walk there.   

Gordon Beach

If you want to do some sports during or after the sunset, Gordon beach is a good choice for you. The area is fool of outdoor gyms and beach volleyball. Many people come here to exercise and workout. It is pretty crowded and touristy but still an awesome place to hang out during sunset.

Midron Yaffo Park

Located in Jaffa, south to Jaffa’s port. This park is less known and not a lot of people go there. In my opinion it is amazing, not only the park, but the whole neighborhood around it.

The park is big and located right on the beach. The sunset from here is amazing and you can take a walk from there right after to the port to grab some amazingly fresh Mediterranean style food.

Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv Rooftop

If you are looking for a cool place to watch the sunset, with other backpackers around and a nice rooftop bar, this is definitely a place you should consider. The sunset from the roof top has an urban style to it with all the rooftops and buildings next to you, and far away you can also see the beach.

Abraham hostel is always a fun place to visit, they have stuff & events going on almost every evening. Just a great place to meet new people which can later on do something together.

Watch the sunset in Tel Aviv, abraham hostel tel aviv sunset point rooftop bar

Beachfront Hostel Rooftop

Like its name, the hostel is located in front of the beach, in the center part of the Tel Avivian coast. The hostel has a rooftop vibe with an amazing chillout vibe.

If you are in one of the beaches around and want to grab a sunset beer, I truly recommend this welcoming place for you. Just go and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.  

Overstay Jaffa Hostel Rooftop

This rooftop is quite new and not so many people know about it. It is also located in an area which is less touristy and busy, right the border between Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

They have a cool rooftop bar with cheap prices and a good vibe so I really recommend a visit to the place, especially during sunset.

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station 6th & 7th floor balcony

This is the most unique place to watch the sunset in Tel Aviv. The central bus station in Tel Aviv is a huge. There are people here from all over the world, With different kind of shops and many floors, under and above the ground. It’s really easy to get lost here.

It’s not the cleanest place in the world and also doesn’t smell so good, but it is just one of those places that has something different to it.

At the 6th & 7th floor there are some of the most beaufitul graffiti art in Tel Aviv. You have to see it. The graffiti is made by artists from all over the world and it is really crazy.

From there you can also see the sunset, and it’s magical. Many rooftops around, buses, boilers, people from all kinds going to different places, and one sun that is going to sleep.

Watch the sunset in Tel Aviv, sunset point central bus station Tel Aviv 7th floor.

Watch the sunset from the sea – Lighthouse Marina Tel Aviv

This sunset point is really spectacular. Located between Gordon Beach and Hilton Beach, right next to Marina Tel Aviv, there’s a trail which goes along a wave breaker which leads to a lighthouse at the end of it.

Here you’ll be surrounded by the sea with the sound of the waves breaking next to you. This truly is a magical spot to witness the sunset.

Watch the sunset in Tel Aviv, LightHouse Marina Tel Aviv sunset point.

Map of Tel Aviv’s best sunset points

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  1. wonderful ideas to suit all moods and enjoy every day of the visit different locations with different vibes.

    1. I like the beaches. Summer or winter time. Great vibe and always active.
      Abraham Hostel rooftop is also a great place in general and very much so during sunset on a clear day.

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