Tel Aviv & Sinai - The best vacation in the Middle east

Get crazy in Tel Aviv and relax in Sinai – The perfect vacation

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Table of Contents

Tel Aviv and Sinai complement each other. Tel Aviv is a non-stop city and Sinai, wilderness. Tel Aviv has everything and sometimes it’s too much, Sinai has nothing and that’s enough. Tel Aviv is super expensive and Sinai is super cheap. Tel Aviv’s sea has waves and in Sinai the sea is flat. As I said, the two are totally different but together they are better. Don’t worry, there’s also some similarity, both of them are full with Israelis and both have lots of hummus and tahini.

3 things you have to do in Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv's beach
Tel Aviv’s beach

Rent an electric scooter and ride it along Tel Aviv’s beach promenade from Jaffa till’ Tel Aviv’s port during sunset time

Tel Aviv’s beach area is by far the coolest part of the city. Just ride along the beach, look at all the people around you and enjoy the sunset.

Visit the Carmel Market on Friday noon

Friday noon at the Carmel Market is the happiest time of the week and you’re going to get a taste from everything Tel Aviv has to offer: Amazing street food, a busy Middle Eastern market, beautiful people having fun, alcohol, spices, fruits and colors. My tip to you is to go to the nearby beach right after you finish at market to refresh and relax.

Party at “The Block”

Tel Aviv’s best club and one of the bests in the world in the electronic music scene. Unbelievable sound, electrifying atmosphere and a dancefloor that will blow your mind. My tip to the strongest of you is to hold on till’ morning and leave the club directly to the beach to enjoy a relaxing sunrise.

3 things you have to do in Sinai:

Sinai's beaches and mountains
The amazing Sinai

Sit at the back of a pickup truck and visit the “Blue Lagoon”

Not far from Dahab (the main city in Sinai), there’s the most amazing beach you’ll ever see in your life. The combination of turquois water together with the dessert landscape is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The way to the blue lagoon is just as amazing as the blue lagoon itself, sitting at the back of the truck watching the colorful desserty mountains.

Snorkeling at Ras Abu Galum

Half an hour north of the Blue Lagoon there’s a beach named “Ras Abu Galum”. The riff there is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. Fish and corals of all kinds, shapes and colors that will make you feel as you’re on a different planet. An amazing experience.

Lay at beach and do nothing

The peace, quiet and calmness in Sinai is second to none. One of the only places in the world where you can do nothing for days and feel fine. The perfect relaxation after Tel Aviv’s craziness. If you want to get crazy, play backgammon.

To summarize

Tel Aviv and Sinai, Yin & Yang, the difference between them is so big but together they make the coolest vacation in the Middle East. Enjoy!

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    1. Sinai is truly amazing and can be a great destination for a vacation even without Tel Aviv included. The great thing is that together the make a perfect combination for someone to enjoy both the city and the a coastline.

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