Tel Aviv's best drawing workshop

Tel Aviv’s best drawing & painting workshop

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Table of Contents

Abraham hostel’s “Paint & Pint” is Tel Aviv’s best drop-in drawing & painting workshop. Sit to a long table with people from all over the world, drink something, paint, relax, meet new friends, explore your creative inner-child, draw, or just get your hands dirty and have fun.

“Paint & pint” by Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv

The workshop takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday, starting around 20:30 at Abraham Hostel bar. The bar is huge and has an inspiring vibe to it. It’s a hostel so you will sit to a table with people from all over the world, drink, paint and have a relaxing evening full of colors.

  • The price – 100 NIS (about 29$)
  • What’s included? Canvas, painting supplies and drinks.
  • What kind of drinks? Beers or wine.
  • How much can you drink? As much as you want.
  • What do you need to bring? Your inner child.

Drawing as a hobby for travelers

Drawing is one of the best travel hobbies you can do. It is really easy to improve, helps you relax, it is the best meditation out there and also a lot of fun. Start today and see the difference a week from now.

Why drawing?

Focusing on something for a long time is not easy these days. We are distracted by tons of noise and live with a FOMO feeling. Many of us heard of or even tried meditation in order to ‘take a break’ from our daily stress, but from what I know it is not that easy too. Well, if you had that experience also, try drawing. It is easy, fun and amazingly meditative.

How to start drawing?

If you feel like starting, I really recommend drawing and eye- It is really one of the most interesting parts of the body, and the most beautiful one. On one hand it has many small details and its geometry is very complex, but on the other hand it is really easy & fun to draw and I promise you that all of you will draw a beautiful eye. You can also add inside your favorite color (blue, green or dark black eyes).

Drawing an eye

Drawing as hobby for long time travelers

People that travel for a long time often look for activities to fill up their day, things like yoga, surfing, hiking, biking and other stuff. All of those activities share a big similarity in the way they clean our mind. Drawing is also one of them, it is easy with only a paper and pencil needed, cheap, and a lot of fun. It is also nice to combine some art in our life. I didn’t think I will like it but it came out to be one of my favorite hobbies, especially while traveling.

How did I start drawing?

Last year, while traveling around south India, I was looking to open up to ‘spiritual stuff’. In my life I didn’t give so much attention to that kind of thoughts and spirituality was always pushed away. Arriving to Auroville, Tamil Nadu State in south India, I saw a quiet place where people where practicing everyday meditation and decided to join the day after. So the day after, in the morning I went. It was a bit weird and I didn’t feel comfortable, and instead of keeping my mind clean it just brought more thoughts. The way of Sitting also was really uncomfortable for me so I decided to leave after about 10 minutes.

On the way back to the guest house I stopped for breakfast, where I met Oshiva, a local guy from the village, with great experience meditating and doing yoga. He runs a place for meditation which i really recommend – Yatra Art & Culture Foundation, it is in auroville so you can find him there. I told him I just tried meditation for the first time and it just didn’t feel right for me. He laughed at me for a second and then asked me if I have ever tried drawing… Many years ago, as a kid, I remember I was sitting and drawing for hours, some kind of a meditation, disconnecting from the planet. He offered me to come to his rooftop and try meditating through drawing.

The morning after, at 7 am, I went to see Oshiva at his rooftop. He just finished his meditation and gave me a paper and a pencil, and told me to draw his father that was sitting in front of me. It was funny, weird and took me 3 hours to draw something that didn’t look like his father while.

His father wasn’t so happy about the long time that took me(as you can see in the drawing) and was falling asleep in front of me. I felt amazing, very peaceful and quiet, concentrating only on drawing without any thoughts coming to my mind. I came back to Oshiva’s rooftop every morning for 10 days, 7:00-10:00 and my days where great after!

My first drawing – Oshiva’s father
A drawing of a good friend of mine

Quote of the day

“In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt”

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